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Tasting Room

Stop in for our tasting tour, offered daily as a walk-in or scheduled event. This is an experience that you cannot miss! Not only will we introduce you to our fresh, highest of quality, delicious products; but we will share with you an education. Find out WHY our products are the best of the best. Let us give you pairing suggestions that will set your imagination off on a creative culinary adventure.


The UP standard is reserved for the finest extra virgin olive oils in the world, as such, the UP grade exceeds all existing European, Italian, Spanish, Greek, North American, Californian, or any other standard for the grade known as extra virgin olive oil. Come in and give it a try!

Ultra Premium Olive Oils

• Frantoio - South Africa Crush Date: May 2016

• Arbosana - Chile Crush Date: May 2016

• Picual - Chile Crush Date: May 2016

• Kornoekei - Chile Crush Date: May 2016

• Ascolano - California Crush Date: Nov 2015

• Don Carlo - South Africa Crush Date: May 2016
Coming Soon: Arbequina- Chile Crush Date: May 2016

Fused & Infused Olive Oils

• Butter (All natural, plant based, soy free)

• Basil

• Rosemary

• Wild Dill

• Garlic

• Fennel
• Blood Orange
• Eureka Lemon
• Persian Lime
• Wild Mushroom & Sage
• Milanese Gremoloata

• Tuscan Herb
• Herbs de Provence

• Roasted Onion & Cilantro
• Chipotle
• Cayenne Chili

• Harissa

• Baklouti


Drizzle it on salad, marinate vegetables, enjoy with a fine bread, or add depth to a sauce. Balsamic can really change the flavor of a meal with it's versatile applications. Don't believe us? Come in and let our friendly staff demonstrate it, you be the judge.

Dark Balsamics

• Traditional Condimento

• Denissimo (limited qty)

• Neopolitan Herb

• Dark Chocolate

• Vermont Maple

• Espresso

• Tahitian Vanilla

• Strawberry

• Blueberry

• Tangerine

• Black Mission Fig

• Pomegranate
• Black Cherry
• Cinnamon Pear
• Lavendar
• Blackberry Ginger

White Balsamics

• Peach
• Blenheim Apricot

• Sicilian Lemon

• Alfoos Mango

• Grapefruit

• Cranberry Pear

• Gravenstein Apple

• Cara-Cara Orange Vanilla

• Pineapple

• Coconut

• Pomegranate-Quince

• Lemongrass Mint
• Oregano
• Honey Ginger

• Jalapeno

Flavor Infused
Spices & Seasoning

As we embark on this taste adventure, we invite you to join us at The Hat’s Olive Tap Tasting Bar. If yo

'Salt Cellar' Unrefined
Sea Salts (Jars)

• Habanero

• Holy Smoke

• Sriracha

• Spicy Curry
• Roasted Garlic

• Thai Ginger

 Merlot (Vintage)

• Yakima Applewood Smoke
• Spanish Rosemary
• Lemon Twist

'Salt Cellar' Unrefined
Sea Salts (Shakers)

• Pink Himalayan
• Acadian Cajun

• Black & White

• Canadian Bacon
• High Steaks

• Lemon Dill

 Lime Pepper

• Oregano Spice
• Smokin' Guns

Metropolitan Chef
Spice Rubs

• White Fish

• Salmon

• Beef & Rib

• Lamb & Game
• Basil & Ginger Chicken

• Beer Can Chicken


• Jerk
• Garlic
• Vegetable
• Mustard Tarragon
• Rosemary
• Turkey

Specialty Oils &Vinegars

• White Truffle Oil
• Black Truffle Oil

• Roasted Walnut Oil

• Toasted Japanese Sesame Oil

• Serrano Honey Vinegar

• Champagne Vinegar

 25 year Aged Sherry Wine Vinegar

• Organic Red Wine Vinegar

Exclusive Olive Oil
Skin Care Line

• Face Wash
• Face Moisturizer 

• Face Serum

• Hand Wash
• Hand Moisturizer

• Lemongrass Soothing Balm

 Pure Bar Soaps

• Shampoo & Conditioner
• Jar Candles (15-20) hour burn time)

“Salt Cellar” Unrefined Salt
Gift Sets

• 8pc Cookout
• 4pc Wild West

• 4pc Wing Nut

• 4pc Salt & Pepper

 4pc Popcorn Paradise

• 4pc Dragon's Breath

Book a Private Tour Or Schedule a Private Event

Looking for a very unique experience? We can schedule a private tasting collaboration with a couple local chefs & all I can say is that Medicine Hat has some great things in store for your pallet. We can also setup at events for that unique addition to any dinner party. The possibility's are endless, send us a message with info on your event and let start the discussion!

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